Adalna the Loregiver is one of the gods of the Great Pantheon, commonly known as the "Mage Patron" and the "Charitable Goddess." She was the patron deity of the Mage Princes for much of their history, and the schism of the Mages over their worship of her led to the collapse of their Imperium.

Summary Edit

Adalna provides her followers with the (carefully censored) secrets of the cosmos, so that they may reshape it in her name; not unlike Idolmar's healing, she offers technology as a gift to the faithful. However, where Idolmar wishes for pure, simple and humble mortal followers, Adalna demands greatness.  Her gifts are to be used as fully as possible to leave a mark on the universe: cloistered scholars are acceptable if disappointing -- Adalna reserves her truest support for sorcerer-kings, men and women who can rally the masses to love her as the purveyor of all the comforts and glories of their society.  

Pantheon War Era Edit

In this time, Adalna has not yet mastered etherics, nor learned the secrets of psionics to create the Seers: her angels share knowledge by more direct means, as welcome partners and mentors. Of course, Adalna does not share all her knowledge: there are always some hidden details to keep mortals dependent on her, and those who try too hard to decipher these may find the angels far less accommodating.  Some of the strange magics Adalna teaches her followers have even been re-written by her in such a way that to understand them completely is to go mad; a final, terrible insurance. Her followers, of course, command a limited knowledge of Elder Script, often carefully curated phrases and incantations limited to shield their minds: a priest of Adalna might spend his life mastering the use of one word of power -- a truly great sorcerer might have a vocabulary of a dozen words which he can combine to terrible effect: in a pre-Partition Cosmos, these words can have a meaning and a power that would awe even the most jaded occultist.  To share knowledge, in the eyes of Qualos, is to cheapen it (in some literal sense, Qualos believes this to be true), and at the very least it means more competition: thus, he and Adalna are often bitter rivals.

Post-Partition and Mage Imperium Era Edit

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