Princess Clara Keith was an officer in the navy of the Keith Family who accompanied Astrid Keith into battle in the Episurean War.

Personality Edit

Clara was known for being fantastically violent, absolutely delighting in the "melty goodness" that Imperium aetheric weaponry produced. This led to some friction between her and her commanding officer, who was far more scarred by the experience of battle. Nevertheless, Clara was deeply loyal to "Auntie Astrid" and admired her incredible presence of command.

History Edit

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After Astrid's death, Clara took up her mantle and led Selene H. Veer's technology team to finish the wondrous panoply of technologies that Astrid and Selene had conceived. Using Dolorn as a base, she expanded her work with the funding provided by Admiral Hiram Klausman and conspired with him to overthrow The Seer Council and the Imperium. She also funded the campaigns of Dres'Fialt as he defeated the Kirvans and the Thalranese. It was in the course of negotiating with Dres'Fialt that Clara was lured into an ambush, right about the time that the Sundering of Aeldrum occurred.

When she received word of Apostate MacDonald's death and the role that the Demon Battery played in his demise, she couldn't help but smile and feel satisfied that Astrid's killer had met his doom (at least in part) through the technology she developed. Feeling her own doom approaching, she decided that she had waited long enough. Releasing every pyrotechnic, teleport bomb, and even the miniaturized aetheric quagmire at once, Clara turned to gaze out in wonder at a cosmos that allowed her to see the magic of the aether at work. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life, and as the roiling storm enveloped her, she thought at last, "I am satisfied."