Bertrand Grimfeld, better known as "Grimes" was a dwarf in service to the ATC during the campaign on Singe. Though he was mostly employed as a mechanic, his particular knowledge (and connections within the more corrupt parts of the command structure) placed him as a technical advisor to an expedition to recover a Mage Imperium artifact.

Personality Edit

Grimes was a dodgy sort of dwarf — quick to offer insult and often callous with regard to the suffering of others around him. A product of the more violent aspects of the Diaspora, Grimes' hostility came more from being shoved around all the time and from the pressure of being the best shot at restoring his clan's fortunes than from any deep hatred of other beings.

Grimes enjoyed eating a turkey leg and playing checkers as a way of relaxing — something he rarely got to do with his strangely busybody boss Shilcar.

History Edit

Adventures with Shilcar Edit

Grimes' family had other plans for him, however, and they finagled him an interview with their corrupt contact, General Onrahk. Onrahk mentioned he had recently had a report of an artifact, and Grimes immediately jumped on the chance for something valuable and tangible to send back to his home. He thought that his area knowledge and engineering skills might let him get away with stealing the artifact if he could just make sure that his fellows on the expedition were incompetent.

However, his plan to swap the names on the expedition's orders (which he found on Onrahk's desk while he was in the bathroom) backfired spectacularly as he had replaced the elite DUOs on his mission with a ragtag bunch led by Gedreth Shilcar, who in addition to being incompetent and corrupt as Grimes had expected, was also patently paranoid.