Coyote was a cursed gnoll adventurer, man-eater, pyromaniac and revered liberator of his people. His trademark flamethrower and adamantine armor allowed him to set himself alight to terrify and demoralize the enemy.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The son of a gnoll chieftain, Coyote left his homeworld to escape the oppressive regime of the Fialta occupation forces and search for a means to combat his people's hated enemy. The Fialta's extensive usage of demons and the services of dark angels to dominate the Gnolls led Coyote to pursue anti-occult weapons of any kind. This effort led him to an early career in occult acquisitions (read, grave robbing), which both conferred on him his prized Adamantine armor and also the malign attention of The Unnamed, whose power and "guidance" would influence Coyote's war against the Fialta and, by proxy, the Lords of the Pentacle. To this day, the Cult of the Unnamed has one of its strongest followings among the Gnolls.

Expedition to Taino Basin Edit

Coyote joined the Third Knight Mercantile Expedition to the Taino Basin, under the command of Kelly MacNial and Al the Dwarf, offering his formidable skill in combat and extensive knowledge of the occult. His payment was to be access to the Codex Exilium and much of the occult knowledge that Dr. Hans Schulz and his scholars had acquired through the decades-long effort to free the doctor and his business partner, Frederick Hopkins, from Aztlan's curse.