Dr. Sarah Sera (Ph. D, MD) was a cybernetics researcher, surgeon, engineer, and transhumanist who was attached to the Saldanese expedition during the Black Pyramid Incident. She was instrumental to the defeat of the Scaled Man and the halting of the Unnamed's incursion.

Personality Edit

Dr. Sera was a pragmatic, but caring doctor who treated all of her compatriots as potential patients, and thus did her best to prevent harm coming to them. She only offered her favored cybernetic treatments as a life saving and life improving treatment for those who consented to her experimentation.

She had a complicated relationship with her family and with her husband, Captain Pascius. She was too strong willed to accede to their wishes for her to play the meek and beautiful little flower. Yet she did not blame Pascius for his socially inherited chauvinism and found his basic decency and impulse to self-sacrifice endearing.

Sarah believed that technology could be used to lift the sentient races beyond the limitations of their corporeal form - converging in many ways with the Ascensionists of the Mage Imperium. She had augmented herself in the first place to make up for her extremely frail form and to give herself the ability to become a walking medical facility, ready to treat anyone at any time. At any one time she was followed by a small pack of her patients, whose prosthesis had saved their lives, but who relied on Dr. Sera for maintainance.

Though her knowledge of computers was rudimentary, she was extremely excited when she accidentally became the soul inhabiting Bara-Dun's supercomputer, and only regretted that she could not live to see the full potential of transferring souls using computers as storage.

History Edit

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