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The creature known only as Duuunkey was the pet donkey[CONFIRM] of Shreksaw Hewitt. Shreksaw believed that his pet donkey could talk, a fact which most attributed to his peculiar brand of insanity.

During his adventures in the Irish Swamps, Shreksaw accidentally sawed Duunnkey in half with his chainsaw. At some point, however, the donkey was either replaced or revived by Eldritch forces. In either case, Shreksaw believed that it was the same donkey, despite showing increasingly odd characteristics such as regeneration and heroic levels.

Dunkey was used by Shreksaw as a bludgeoning weapon; most infamously when Shreksaw picked up and swung Dunnkey while he was tied to his resting pillow. The pillow side contacted McFitzpatrick, killing him instantly.