Dwarves are one of the Major Races separate from the Progenitor lineage. Thus, they share no common ancestry with the races of Elves, Humans, Orcs, or any of their sub-races and thus cannot breed with them. Instead, they are descended from the tribal folk discovered by the Aeldrum Trade Company millenia ago. Thus, Halflings and Goblins share their lineage with the Dwarves.

Physical Description Edit

Dwarves are humanoid, but much shorter and stouter than Humans and Elves. Unlike their less well-built cousins, Halflings and Goblins, Dwarves are considered excellent laborers.

History Edit

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The Pantheon War Edit

The Dwarves are believed to have built a great empire in the very early years of The Pantheon War. This empire collapsed in on itself and led to the Dwarven Diaspora.