Edward Apslund (KC)[1] was an officer in the Aeldrum Trade Company and one of the sole survivors of The Shambler Campaign.


Edward was a paranoid schizophrenic, which morphed into split personalities under the strain of being cashiered and sent to the deadly trenches of a war against the Fialta. His "Dominant" personality was classically psychopathic - charming, witty, easy to get along with, but above all else, concerned for his own safety. It was this personality which most often dealt with his "comrades" (as much as he cared about them) and convinced them not to kill him for his cowardice and duplicity. This Edward cared much more about his personal image and drove him to regain his honor and status above all else - thus his insane mission into a quarantine city. His second "Recessive" personality was his silent rage, a man hunched over and ready to murder at a whim. Still too cowardly for barbarian rage, instead this personality made him stealthier, more skillful with a blade, and less afraid of death - at the expense of any appearance of charisma. It was this side of Edward which kept him alive in dangerous situations and led him to abandon his comrades to death multiple times. He pushed his fellow adventurers to take more of the risk, maneuvered to keep himself behind them, and in the end to abandoned them to their deaths and completed the mission without them.

History Edit

Early Years Edit

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Campaign in Russia Edit

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  1. Knight of Commerce