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Elves are a race of sentient humanoid beings occupying hundreds of worlds. They are almost as common as Humans.

Physical Characteristics Edit

Elves are physically similar to Humans. All the sub-races share a characteristic of having sharper facial features, such as noses and ears.

Sub-Races Edit

Being a very ancient race, there are many different kinds of Elves.

Dark Elves Edit

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The Dark Elves, also known as Shantara's Children, are Elves who converted from the service of the Elven Triad to join the armies of the Lords of the Pentacle during The Pantheon War.

High Elves Edit

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The High Elves are a very sophisticated, high-class race.

Savage Elves Edit

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Triad Elves Edit

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Triad Elves are Elves that worship The Elven Triad.

Notable Elves Edit