Eriston Epithanius Carl Wigmond gave off an air of having once been a very great Elf. He was deeply interested in the occult, which he based his life around. As a result of his studies and intelligence, he spoke with authority and surety.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Wigmond was born of fairly low status, but managed to work his way up to a position in the Knights Mercantile. He journeyed to several planets with the KM before finally arriving on Aztlan's Planet, where he personally helped seal away The Thing Beyond The Door.

The Battle of the Second Zanevuela Gate Edit

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The Hostage Exchange Edit

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During this mission, Frederick, a one-legged ferry-man local to Milgar, reported having traded passage with Wigmond in exchange for treatment of his gangrenous leg.

Wigmond is reported to have negotiated for the exchange of a hostage for the Idolmic Priest Tullus, who, according to inside sources, had information about how the Shantine were winning the war with the Fialta.

From Wigmond's personal journal:

July the 20th, 352 A.U.

I met Varal again today, this time disguised as an elderly man. Eventually, he revealed himself to me and tasked me with protecting the Fialtan moles in the Shantine High Command. It is now within my capabilities to shift the flow of power in either Othal's or Valdos's favor. I shall of course comply, but the fact that Othal would command me so is very telling of how much trust he has placed in me.

Whether or not Wigmond actually communicated with the angel is of dispute. From all other sources, the trade went off without a hitch, and although Wigmond disappeared for a short amount of time, no indication of any such meeting has been recorded.

Retirement Edit

Wigmond spent many years gaining rank in the KM until he arrived at a position that granted him access to various magical artifacts, which he absconded with. He used these ill-gotten goods to carve out his own corner of the black market. To maintain his empire, he made a deal with Othal to willingly become host to a demon that he could influence. At the age of 250, he left the criminal underworld and retired with a few of the magical artifacts that he took to.