A firearm is a portable gun — a barreled weapon that launches one or more projectiles, often driven by the action of an explosive force.

History Edit

First invented by [BLANK] in [YEAR], firearms

After their invention, firearms quickly became a ubiquitous weapon throughout the universe.

Types of Firearms Edit

Beginning with the development of repeating rifles, some significant differences have emerged.

Powder Cartridges Edit

Unlike on Earth, the combustible material known as "Gun Cotton" or "Smokeless Powder" was never developed in the Aeldrum setting. This means that most weapons are less powerful, less effective, and more prone to jamming as a result of barrel fouling than their Earth equivalents.

Similarly, the Aeldrum cosmos never developed the brass cartridge, which has limited the effectiveness of automatic weapons, as their ammunition's refuse is not as easily dealt with. Efforts in creating systems which can vent the powdered remains of cartridges (led primarily by the Schulz Arms Corporation) have been reasonably successful, but the problem remains a significant stumbling block in the advancement in Aeldrum weapons technology.

Hydrogen and Other Alternative Propellants Edit

Given the problems with standard gunpowder, alternatives were more vigorously pursued in the quest to create superior firearms technology. This led, primarily, to the adoption of Hydrogen as a propellant to be used in over-engineered versions of gunpowder weapon designs. Far more powerful and far less stable than gunpowder, Hydrogen rifles and pistols are favored by snipers, enforcers, and other folks who really need their first shot to pack a huge wallop. Hydrogen weapons generally have a much higher (+50%) and more consistent damage potential than their gunpowder counterparts, but are also much more likely to harm the user when they fail. Due to their instability and the need for extra reinforcement, Hydrogen weapons are generally several steps behind in automation compared to their gunpowder counterparts, a fact especially noticeable after the proliferation of the Schulz Autorifle and Heavy Machinegun

The Schulz Rifle Edit

The Schulz-brand semi-automatic rifle, which became the gold standard for ordinary gunpowder weaponry, was only invented through a mix of deadly time pressures and sheer luck. First conceived in the mind of Dr. Hans Schulz while in the captivity of the Tzaraevitch of the Russian Empire, its success against older models of weaponry led to a revolution in the cosmic arms trade. Schulz's original design opened the way to the creation of an entire family of Schulz brand automatic and semi-automatic weaponry.

Mechanics Edit

Note: Advances in gun technology have resulted in an increase in the base damage dice and maximum fire rate of the guns between technological eras. Please see Technology Levels for more details.