House Keith are the hereditary rulers of Telrion, the Hybern Sector's dominant supply of Quicksilver.

History Edit

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The Keiths have a troubled political past within the Hybern Sector, having ousted (and largely exterminated) the Holden and Drosse families, which previously shared rulership of Telrion in a triumvirate arrangement. More recently, the Keiths attempted to secure a grand alliance with House Semokku and House Linder. Lady Astrid Keith, heir to Telrion, was married to Prince Statler Semokku until his assassination (widely believed to have been Lady Keith’s doing), which sparked a succession crisis over Milgar. This resulted in a year-long civil war, in which evidence emerged that Lady Keith’s daughter Petra was a bastard, not born of Statler but rather of Astrid Keith’s bodyguard, Duncan. Mia Keith and her husband Prince Johan Linder were both killed by Semokku loyalists while attending the wedding of Lady Keith to Statler’s younger brother, and Lord Clarence’s son (also Clarence) was brutally maimed. The civil war left the Keiths without Milgar and disrupted their alliance with both House Semokku and House Linder. Lady Astrid Keith was disinherited for her failure, leading her younger brother to succeed to the throne as Lord Clarence III, ten years after the Milgravian crisis.

After gaining control of Telrion, the Keiths created The Telranian Quicksilver Company, which provides them with enormous wealth and accords the head of the dynasty the title of “Lord” (rather than governor). As such, the family commands the loyalty of tens of thousands of indigenous Telranian warriors, who have sworn perpetual “clan-oaths” of loyalty to House Keith. House Keith’s strong connection to the navy has allowed it to accrue a sizable personal fleet and vast fortune without significant questioning from Imperial authorities, but the family remains secondary in influence to House Brahm.

Notable Members Edit

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