Koros was a Shantine mercenary in the employ of Lucius Valain, an Elvish crime lord in the city of Hauldt. He later became a Kirvan zealot by the name of Felix.

History Edit

Employed by Lucius Valain Edit

Koros encountered and threatened several contractors for the Knights Mercantile who had sought to use his employer as a point of contact for finding and killing Jacob Parr, an Irish guerrilla fighter turned gang leader. In later years, the apparent religious revival of Kirvanism and the death of his employer, Valain, at the hands of the Knights Mercantile drove Koros to head offworld. He found work in the Fialta States as an infantry sergeant. Koros found himself fighting his countrymen as he led a squadron of foreign mercenaries in the Fialta employ against a company of Knights of Adarnum, who had established a mission within a Pocket Dimension claimed by his employers.

Brother Felix (The First Expedition) Edit

Koros's plate armor and faithful double-barreled pistol failed him, however, and he was captured in the midst of a confused retreat from a devastating counter-charge from the Knights of Adarnum. Koros was taken as a prisoner to a Kirvan monastery, where he was brutally tortured and brainwashed for two years. The resultant mute shell of a man was dubbed Brother Felix, and he would accompany a priest named Father Wendell on an ill-fated Knights Mercantile expedition into the Taino Basin on Sierna. After the expedition leaders abandoned Father Wendell and his budding flock of soldiers and natives, Wendell himself began to slide into delusion and heresy. Driven by his new fanaticism, Felix broke his vow of silence and denounced Wendell before killing him and his close followers and burning the mission.

Kirvan Syncretists (The Second Expedition) Edit

Felix led the survivors of his violent purge into the jungles of the Taino Basin, where he started a new sect, later recorded as the "Kirvan Syncretists" in the log of the next offworlders to encounter him — a second Knights Mercantile expedition. These new intruders into Felix's realm found him much changed from the accounts of their predecessors; he had grown older, bearded and more haggard, and his followers showed signs of strange physical mutation treated with crude excisions and amputations. These were in fact the product of a curse invited on the sect by Father Wendell's corruption and the ire of the dark God Aztlan.

Felix led his native cultists against the new expedition, after the intruders refused a demand to vacate the ruins of the old mission (in part because of the very likely eventuality that Felix would take the opportunity to kill them at his leisure). He gathered some two hundred natives to assail the makeshift fort but was slain before the battle began by a hydrogen round the skull from Kelly McNiall.

Felix was struck down and, after a terrible battle in which the expedition routed the Syncretists, abandoned on the field. His armor was pillaged from him, and Aztlan's black birds feasted on the remains.