Lucius Valain was an Elvish crime lord of the city of Hauldt.

History Edit

Once a scion of the High Elf caste of Aeldrum, Valain's dynasty was driven into the mud by his father and sister, and he in turn fled into exile to escape the family creditors. Already on the run, Valain found that he took naturally to the shadows and soon became a smuggler of some ability. His true success came after his retirement from the front line jobs, however, when he developed a small-scale smuggling operation of his own and grew it into one of the major criminal organizations of Hauldt.

As a crime lord, Valain was known for his fondness for lemonade (a very expensive drink to obtain in his city) and for the menacing presence of Koros, his Shantine bodyguard. After drawing the ire of the Knights Mercantile for his interference in an assassination contract, however, Valain found himself losing his traction within the city watch, compromising his business. The final blow came some months after this first encounter, when he was slain by agents of the Knights Mercantile (now unwittingly working for Skinchangers who had seized control of the KM chapter) and Genoese Mafia in a hostile takeover of his smuggling enterprise (see also: Mr. T).