Milgar refers both to a Pocket Dimension and, in the Imperial era, to a substate consisting of an additional ten minor worlds[1]in The Hybern Sector. It was ruled by House Semokku during much of the late Mage Imperium period.

Military Edit


  • 3 Warships
  • 20 Frigates
  • 25 Upgunned merchantmen

Ground Forces:

  • 200,000 Imperial Marines (100k on Milgar, 100k on surrounding territories)
  • Various semi-sanctioned auxiliary forces

History Edit

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Milgravian War of Succession Edit

Main article: Milgravian War of Succession

The Milgravian Civil War was sparked to determine whether House Keith or House Semokku would govern the Milgar Substate.

There are persistent rumors of sentient lizards establishing colonies under Milgar's control on some planets. The Blood Sap operation is heavily influenced by the Hybern Development Consortium, which helped rebuild Milgar after the civil war.

Notes Edit

  1. When referring to Milgar and its territories, it is most often referred to as "The Milgar Substate".