Mimir, also known as "The Count of Lidenia", is a High Elf of aristocratic origin with vast influence over the Aeldrum Trade Company and increasing clout through his shadow party within the Aeldrum Parliament. After a near-death experience on Witch Haven left him a mutilated amnesiac (ultimately reduced to a disembodied head supported by a form of magical iron lung), Mimir plied his trade as an expert on the occult. He eventually became an associate of the Third Knight Mercantile Expedition to the Taino Basin under the leadership of Kelly MacNial and Al the Dwarf and the employment of Hans Schulz and Frederick Hopkins.

Mimir recovered his memories and knowledge of his birthright to the considerable estates of Lidenia on one of the Aeldrum core worlds through the use of Mind Eels. After employing the Eels to transfer his consciousness and soul into a reconstructed elvish body of absolute perfection, Mimir reclaimed his birthright and set about plying his influence as a Knight Mercantile with inside access to the highest echelons of power in Aeldrum.