The Naga are a race of serpent-like beings with human faces.

Description Edit

The Naga seem largely uninterested in the affairs of the Human, Elvish and Orcish powers, with the distinctive exception of the Nippon States, whose secretive rulers they appear to loathe with an alien passion.

Spies and explorers within the Covens of Corrobel suggest that they control a domain of dozens if not hundreds of worlds and could potentially threaten the great mortal powers. Most disturbingly, there is evidence that the Naga can navigate the Aether without using the etheric lines, making a mockery of carefully planned defensive lines and fleet patrol routes.

History Edit

It is not known how long the Naga have ruled over the humanoids on the Covens of Corrobel, but it is suspected to have been for millenia.

Powers Edit

The Naga control the humanoids in their domain through a form of Psionic hypnosis.