Owen Roe was a hero of the Restoration of the Seventh Spire.

Early Life Edit

Owen was born in the Irish Free Republic to a family of Irish freedom fighters. Owen spent much of his youth fighting alongside his family during The First Irish Civil War - taking up the Irish traditions of bomb making, smuggling, and assassination. The best shot of his siblings, his father gave Owen his well tempered service pistol after the war, which he carried with him on all of his journeys.

Owen was first employed as a member of the Free State Mercenary Force, an organization comprised primarily of out of work former insurgents, who used their skills in the service of well paying benefactors. There, Owen smuggled, assassinated, and bombed until he had saved enough to look for work in the more prestigious places.

Adventures on Aeldrum Edit

For more information, see The Aeldrum Campaign

Later Life Edit

It is not known what became of Owen Roe in the 7th Spire. Some say that he walked as a god among the many strange creatures which fled from the spire. Others claim that they found a massive scorch mark where he must have, in a final act of desperation and madness, detonated his entire explosive cache at once.

The truth of these tales has been lost to history.

Personality Edit

Owen was known for his steady gun hand and his smooth tongue, yet he was an intellectual and thoughtful person beneath his rough brogue. Skilled in the arts of persuasion, business, and craftsmanship, Owen was quick to take up anything to which he tried his hand.

He was something of a drunk, and always carried a bottle of whiskey to make sure that he could get a fix in a pinch. He also enjoyed tobacco and often thoughtfully chewed on his favorite pipe (unlit, for safety) while tinkering with his explosives or planning his next attack.

Owen's favorite tactic was to drop smoke grenades to confuse his opponents and gain an advantage on them.

Rumors Edit

It is possible, assuming he survived, that Owen went on to found the DUOC, Aeldrum's black operations command. Using his experiences as a guerrilla and a member of the Free State Army, he could have created a cutting edge special operations force that fully utilized the potential of firearms and steam vehicles. Ironically, this would mean that he contributed significantly to the modernization of Aeldrum's army - which eventually led to the fall of the Irish Free State.