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Pocket Dimensions are simultaneously the equivalent of planets and black holes in the Aeldrum setting.

Creation Edit

When too much matter becomes condensed into a small enough space, it essentially falls through that space and creates its own mini-universe. All the matter that would have created the black hole becomes the ground of the new world. If a budding pocket dimension is too small in mass, it can fail to create a stable pocket dimenions, entering a state of flux and passing in and out of the main universe until the massive object is rent asunder and returned to the aether. Imperfections in the folding of space into the new dimension are called Aetheric Gates. (It is hypothesized that some sufficiently massive objects could so completely fold space around them that they would have no gates; by definition, this can most likely never be verified).

Destruction Edit

By becoming Null Space, a pocket dimension is at the whim of cosmic horrors beyond mortal comprehension. Additionally, the space itself is weaker and the in danger of spontaneously ceasing to exist. This does not happen in normal null space because there is the rest of the universe to keep it in place. Should the entire universe become deprived of etheric energy, it is possible that something similar to these null pocket dimensions would happen on a grand scale.

Detection Edit

Since etheric energy can enter these dimensions, they are most often detected when Ley Lines pass over the Aetheric Gates. Finely tuned instruments can detect the subtle interaction of ley lines with pocket dimensions, thus leading to their discovery.

It seems that there exist other methods of detecting pocket dimensions, as the Naga are capable of navigating the Aether without using traditional methods such as following ley lines.

Phenomena Edit

Etheric energies and matter can pass in and out of this tiny hole in space. Etheric energies inside these relatively confined spaces create atmospheric/cosmological phenomena in the pocket dimension that simulate the day/night cycle[1]

Notes Edit

  1. With the obvious lack of a single light source, there is no equivalent of a Sun in pocket dimensions.