Royce Poindexter is a famous inventor, millionaire, and part owner of the Rolls-Royce Car Company.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Royce was born to the prestigious and aristocratic Poindexter family on a minor world connected to the Academy of Saldan. Royce was his father's youngest son, set to inherit neither land nor title but nevertheless provided with a fine education at the Academy of Saldan, where he excelled. Nevertheless, his father pressed him to pursue opportunities in private industry, leading him to take employment with an "Industrial Security" firm in the city of Genoa as a drone engineer. Royce built pioneering designs for the company, bringing him to the attention of the organization's silent partners, the Urbino Crime Family.

Mafia Activity Edit

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Transferred to the direct employment of the Urbino family under Capo Saluzzo, Royce became unwittingly embroiled in the violent ascension of Luigi G. Alberghi first to Capo and then to Supreme Magistrate of Genoa. In particular, Royce built and operated the drones that carried charges of dynamite through the sewers of Genoa and placed them directly under the mansion of Don Figaro, the Urbinos' chief rival. Royce was never fully aware of his role in the mob war that nearly destroyed Genoa, shielded from knowledge of his actions and any violent repercussions by his father's trusted servant, the Mexican former boxer El Pido. The dynamite, for instance, was described as a "cleansing product."

Post Genoese Civil War Edit

Royce survived the Genoese war with the assistance of The Professor, though the two parted ways shortly after the end of the war. With seed capital stolen by the wily Pido and his own technical brilliance, Royce went on to create a hugely successful remote mining and car company. He unwittingly crossed paths with The Professor once again while assisting the Aeldrum Trade Company's quicksilver extraction operations on Telrion. Mysteriously, Royce was away from danger at the exact moment that a lethal act of sabotage destroyed large parts of the ATC mining operation (landing the Professor a hefty bounty from a rival dwarven mining operation, which he also promptly fleeced).

The ensuing reconstruction gave Royce still more contracts, catapulting him to extraordinary wealth. Even with the death of his loyal servant El Pido, Royce remained a figure of importance, spending several years on Aeldrum to manage his company and oversee the production of a Moving Picture based on his life. Royce accepted a three-year contract as a professor on Saldan to share his knowledge of drone design and radio communications (where he inspired the posthumously famous Dr. Sera) before retiring more definitively to Aeldrum.

Trivia Edit

  • Rhodes Poindexter, Royce's father, was reportedly implicated in gun running and other illegal activities, using them to finance an extravagant and deviant lifestyle beyond the means of even a well-to-do aristocrat.
  • Royce's unpublished memoirs also hint at partially repressed memories of bizarre orgies held at his ancestral home.