Shantara is one of the five Lords of the Pentacle and a member of The Great Pantheon

Summary Edit

Once an archangel of the Elvish Triad, Shantara rebelled against her masters, with the help of Valdos and Dalthad.  Why she chose to turn on the Triad is unknown, but theirs is a mutual hatred with depths incomprehensible to mortals.  Shantara was first taken into Dalthad's hierarchy, but Valdos used her to then free Thalran from Kirva and place him under her mastery: Dalthad, wary of Shantara's history and doubtless maneuvered by Valdos, released her as an equal Lord of the Pentacle, provided that Thalran should also be released from her hold.  Thus, the Pentacle was formed. Shantara's angels are often corrupted servants of other gods, or minor gods who have sold themselves into her protection; they are a motley collection of renegades and traitors, and can be expected to act accordingly. Shantara's mortal servants are most often brought into her power by desperation, joining secret cells and cults to advance their goals and hers; given the fractious nature of Shantara's hierarchy, it is unsurprising that in the modern age she and Qualos have the weakest churches.