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Signa Somille was a naval officer of the Mage Imperium who served with (and was partially raised by) Admiral Astrid Keith. Signa's father was Astrid's right hand man during the Episurean War. As a result of her father's position, Signa grew up with Lady Keith's daughter, Miss Petra Keith. The two of them formed a close bond on Milgar, which continued into their adult lives.

After Astrid's death, she inherited her squadron and began to work with Petra on her projects. During the Kirvan-Imperial Crusades, Signa fell in love with her second in command, a rakish Telranian named Marcus Rhea; she had a child by him, Roth Somille, who was raised by Signa's parents on Telrion after Marcus was killed leading a boarding action.

She remained extremely close with Petra, conducting deep aether exploration for her and raising her son alongside Petra's children - especially Maeve Keith-Levin. When, in the chaos of the Scouring of Aeldrum, the time came to enact the encyclopedia's plan, however, only one of that generation was with her - the brother of Maeve's bodyguard Anna Grend, Leon Grend. When Petra activated The Station and cut the Encyclopedists off from the Imperium, Signa set immediately about defending the borders of the new "Foundation"

Signa was ever by the side of Petra, and when the Corruption of the Foundation occurred, she stoically led her squadron in a last rearguard to ensure that Petra, Lucia, Montral, and their closest comrades could get safely back to the Station. She spent her last moments comforting her son, as Leon rammed her flagship into the Naga command ship, destroying both and throwing the Naga pursuit fleet into disarray.