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The Steam Carriage, often referred to as a "car", uses a steam engine to provide transportation.

Overview Edit

One of the earliest and most obvious uses of the steam engine was to turn the wheels of a cart. Unfortunately, early steam engines were incapable of turning wheels fast enough to travel at a reasonable pace along shoddy dirt roads. Fortunately, cobblestone streets were suitable enough that the steam carriage was retained as a viable mode of transport and eventually developed into something resembling the car on Earth. This is fortunate, as it allows for the kind of high speed action sequences with an unrealistic volume of explosions that we have come to expect from modern cinema.

History Edit

Invented by [BLANK] in [YEAR],

Famous Models Edit

Ford Fiesta ("Model F") Edit

Rolls-Royce Edit

Famous Luxury model, the result of a collaboration between infamous inventor Royce Poindexter and famous ballet composer Rolls Blunt

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