For the character T. Cakes, see Terrence Cakes.

Teacakes are the height of travel cuisine. Depending on the company which manufactures them, they can be anything from a raisin filled bun (served in a manner reminiscent of bagels) to a moist and buttery kind of quick-bake pound cake, topped with clumped brown sugar. No matter what form they take, however, the teacake is always a sought after train ride snack and a source of much pride for the attendants who sell them. They are sold in tins with a very nice embossed logo of the company which produces them, a freshness seal which ensures that the teacakes reach their hungry recipients in the most delectable state possible, and a written guarantee that the teacakes within will always bring delight to the customers of each and every train line.

Trivia Edit

Teacakes first appeared during The Skinchanger Campaign and have been present in every adventure featuring a train since then.