The Aeldrum cosmos spans many thousands of years, and as a result, the type and quality of equipment available to characters changes based on the technology of their society. Note that while the greater part of the cosmos generally has a uniform tech level owing to the vast amount of inter-dimensional trade, it is entirely possible for remote or newly discovered pockets to have a technology level far lower than the general level of the time.

This tech level chart is currently only contains information about the general state of society in the Rise of Aeldrum era, as we have not yet played any campaigns outside of that segment of the timeline.

Note that these tech levels are more guidelines than hard rules about technology - whatever makes sense for the culture should overrule their general tech level (if your tribe of TL0 natives live next to a massive cache of Mage Imperium weapons and armor, it makes sense that they can equip themselves with it without requiring BP)

Rise of Aeldrum Edit

Tech Level 0 (Pre-Metallurgy) Edit

Level 0 is reserved for primitive societies who have not yet discovered large scale metallurgy. Armor and weapons which contain metal probably require BP (unless otherwise noted), as they must be scavenged / gifted / specially crafted. Draft animals, possibly drawing simple carts, are the only method of transportation outside of walking. Complex mechanical devices (like crossbows) may or may not exist.

Tech Level 1 (High Fantasy) Edit

Level 1 is the base state of D&D. Read the SRD if you don't know what that means.

Tech Level 2 (Early Industrial) Edit

Level 2 sees the beginnings of gunpowder and industrial technology; the steam engine, early airships, and early gunpowder are added to the basic assortment of high fantasy weapons. Firearms are considered exotic at this level, requiring a 3CP feat to use, as they are very new and require unusual training. (Note that armor's effectiveness is not reduced by firearms at any TL). Most firearms are simple single shot muzzle loaders, although flintlock revolving pistols do exist.

This was the tech level of The Aeldrum Campaign

Tech Level 3 (Flintlock Industrial) Edit

Level 3 is the point at which the gains of the original industrial revolution have solidified and become ingrained in the cultures which have arrived at it. Early steam carriages and trains have started to appear. Standard gunpowder weapons have become common enough not to require a feat to use them. Flintlock revolving pistols and rifles are joined by multi-barrel firearms, the earliest multi-shot weapons; Hydrogen weapons are in early development, and are highly unstable single shot weapons.

This was the tech level of The Skinchanger Campaign, The Shambler Campaign and (partially) the Celestial Corsairs Campaign.

Tech Level 3.5 (Transitional) Edit

Level 3.5 is a strange interim level in which many of the theoretical underpinnings of TL4 have been discovered, but not yet put to great practical use. This is a time of immense technological change, with many new inventions first coming to light. Electricity is first developed here and prototype applications are under development. Owing to the events of The Shambler Campaign, the secrets of the automaton have been unlocked and automatons are available to those who know who to ask. Carousel strip feeding rifles have been developed by this time as well, allowing for a fairly continuous rate of fire for most small encounters. Manufacturing has become advanced enough that masterworking the primary weapon for most professionals is relatively inexpensive (no cost to mwk one or two starting weapons or armor for most characters).

The Abortive Expedition Campaign, The Expedition Campaign and The Russian Campaign occur in TL3.5.

Tech Level 4 (Early Automation) Edit

Level 4 is characterized by a dramatic increase in precision manufacturing enabled by electricity. It is also characterized by increasing automation in both weaponry and vehicles. With the development of the Schulz repeating rifle in TL3.5 (and the Schulz autopistol shortly thereafter), rapid fire weaponry is available for the first time on a wide scale. Hydrogen weaponry is now relatively reliable, and has been adapted as a fuel source for large vehicles. Further, improvements in the manufacture of melee weapons have made specialized weapons far cheaper; Weapons with specials like "Keen" no longer cost BP to procure. Armor, too, has benefited, mostly in the area of making heavier armors lighter and more maneuverable.

This was the tech level of The Heist Campaign and The Aztlan Campaign.

Tech Level 5 (Industrial Automation) Edit

Level 5 sees the solidification and spread of the gains of TL4. Automatic weapons are the norm, with autopistols, autorifles, and machineguns mostly replacing their older counterparts among the most technologically advanced societies (though there are still some faithful holdouts for the old Schulz rifles who find their harder punch and greater accuracy worthwhile). Airships and trains are now both very reliable and cars are increasingly common, with heavier than air flight and primitive power armor an experimental reality. Hydrogen weapons now have slightly less powerful revolver variants.

Long term improvements in black powder have increased the damage output of all standard firearms by 1 die class.

This was the tech level of The Mafia Campaign, The Fialta-Shantine One-Shot Series, the Black Pyramid Campaign and the Irish Rebellion Campaign.

Tech Level M (Mage Imperium and other earlier eras) Edit

The Mage Imperium left all sorts of nifty things lying around after their decline and fall; Caches of weaponry, armor, and stranger things have been discovered across the cosmos. All starting Mage Imperium technology (unless extenuating circumstances exist) requires BP to be spent during character generation. This includes all forms of adamantine, "magical" weapons, advanced types of weaponry and armor, original automatons, and so on.

This tech level is represented by a variety of artifacts across campaigns, but it was the technological baseline for the Milgar and Hybern Campaigns (a.k.a. Mage Imperium I, Mage Imperium II)