Thalran, The Martial Lord is one of the five Lords of the Pentacle and a member of The Great Pantheon.

Summary Edit

Once an angel of Kirva, Thalran grew too ambitious, enslaving mortal worlds for himself. At every turn, Kirva would extend mercy when Thalran wanted executions, call for flame when Thalran wanted slaves. The frustrated angel and several lesser companions sought the aid of Shantara and Valdos, breaking free of Kirva in a spectacular betrayal

If Shantara broke with the Triad out of deepest hatred, Thalran rebelled out of resentment and frustrated ambition. Thalran's greatest angels are mostly, like him, former Kirvanites; Thalran, however, chose to build his own hierarchy from this core of companions: where Shantara assembled her collection of renegades, Thalran has a stricter order more like Valdos's. His angels are often brutal and uncompromising, like Kirva's own zealots but without a belief in purity or salvation. His mortal servants are, at the top, warlords and conquerors; nearer the bottom, jumped-up marauders who assert a warrior code only to separate themselves from the scum. As Thalran and Shantara both briefly fell under Dalthad's hierarchy, they also possess the ability to create angelic-mortal hybrids (see also the Fialta in the modern age); Valdos and Qualos do not adopt such measures.