The Amulet of Beasts was created by Father Wendell on Sierna.

Description Edit

The basis for the amulet is a Kirvan holy symbol. It was combined with another, unknown item to grant it its power.

Wandering alone on dark nights after adding the artifact to his collection, Mimir claimed to hear a high-strung and self-righteous voice, softened and distorted as if passed through water.

Powers Edit

Wearing the amulet grants the wearer the ability to perceive the minds of beasts. However, this comes at the cost of allowing Gods and other higher forms of life to perceive the wearer's mind.

History Edit

Shortly after it was created by Father Wendell, the amulet was buried with him. It was then recovered later by Coyote. It was used by various members of Coyote's party, but its final resting place, many years later, was in Mimir's Museum.