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The Elven Triad is the patron of the Elves. There is dispute as to whether The Triad is three different Gods or one God with three aspects.

Worshipers: Edit

The Elvish Enclaves

The Mirror Enclaves are the Celestial counterpart to the Elvish Enclaves of Imperial Space, albeit differing significantly in culture and ethos. These Mirror Enclaves worship the God of Mirrors, but many appear to accept the Triad as three dominant elements of their god's countless facets. For their part, Imperial triad worshipers mistrust what they see as the "Aspect Multiplication" of the God of Mirrors; at best, they consider it a needless complication, and at worst a heresy that allows the Triad to be interpreted to support almost any doctrine conceivable, including a reconciliation of Shantara and the Triad as aspects of a common god.

The Order of the Ivory Blade

The "Enlightened"