Zulkir, the Devourer, is believed to be the last of the Elder Gods, and it is a corrupting presence at the edges of reality that threatens the Gods themselves. Its motives are unclear, but it appears to feast on decay and rot, as an oppositional force to life as it is known; several lesser gods are known to have been consumed, and some scholars suggest that the gods of The Great Pantheon use the souls of their worshipers to fight off or perhaps satiate the Devourer.

Plagues Edit

It should be noted that unlike most conventional diseases, Zulkir's plagues (including the famous Shambler Virus) do not kill their hosts but rather reshape them, usually grotesquely.

Shambler Plague Edit

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The Shambler Plauge turns Humans into zombie-like beings.

Speculation of Zulkir as a Plague Edit

There are some who believe Zulkir itself to be contagious disease with a hivemind consciousness, and that infection with the Zulkir plague is the next phase of evolution.

Cult Edit

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The Cult of Zulkir is mostly reviled throughout the cosmos, except for a strong presence on the Nippon States.